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PostSubject: Empathic   Empathic EmptyWed 19 Aug 2009, 17:06

Empathy is the ability to feel emotion.
A regular Empath can sense what the person next to him is feeling just by looking at them.
An Empathic person can psychically sense what a person is feeling.
An Empathic can come to a degree to be able not only sense the emotions of others but manipulate them by will.
At times the Empath can sometimes hear the thoughts of the person's emotion making them think they are Telepathic.
It's true that both Empathy and Telepathy can read brain waves making it hard to tell what tell which ability you have.

Keep in Mind - When an Empath feels in a more deeper level the feel the energy that is being set off by the person. They are known as Auras but I like to call this phenomena Energy Waves.

A little in sight to us Empathic people.
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PostSubject: Re: Empathic   Empathic EmptyWed 19 Aug 2009, 20:01

Wow good reasearch! And the cool thing about this ability is that everyone has it. Some more open then others... I like this ability it's cool! Very Happy
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PostSubject: Thanks for the info.   Empathic EmptyTue 06 Oct 2009, 02:03

Hey, Thanks for the info, I used to be so confused because of my Empathy, I used ti keep thinking I had so many abilities because of empathy, it made me think I was a power mimic because I felt the emotions of others, I thought I could also use their poweers XD but Now I know that Empathy and Power Mimicry is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT XD
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PostSubject: Re: Empathic   Empathic Empty

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