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 Do you think?

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Join date : 2009-08-08

Do you think? Empty
PostSubject: Do you think?   Do you think? EmptyWed 19 Aug 2009, 20:23

I just got back from meditating and I just learn something.
Ever since now I have questioned everything that I have come across. Why me why now? Who am I suppose to be what am I suppose to do? I had a past life experiences when I was meditating. What exactly happen was irrelevant. I was just want to find some answer to some questions. Then I found out something that was nagging at me the whole time I keep hearing destiny. We all have free will. We just didn't know that we have set our lives since before we got here. Therefor we know what is right for us. With no one telling us other wise. There's no God telling us what is our destiny what he/she has planned for us. It is just us and and our inner self, the soul. I have asked in this meditating what I was suppose to do and what it has to do with everything else.
Turns out there is a plan. But not from a divine master of creation. We as beings, Humans or what ever. We have chosen the future for this world. For many times in my past life I have been working on a way to save this world but until know i could figure out why I was running around playing hero. This is my revelation, my enlightenment and I want to share it with you. Not because i have to but because I want to. This world... this planet, we can save it. Us gifted and none gifted. We can bring the paradise from the afterlife here to this plain of existence.
Indigo children
Crystal Children
Blue-ray children
They are all here for the same purposes. To bring peace and paradise. Even though they might not know it yet but they have the power to change the world. Even us small people who are just psychic by nature or a mutation by chance. Those are all sign of a new era. The more we develop the more we break the wall between the two worlds.
That's where 2012 comes in. Here I thought i could mean something all together. but never this. to tell you the truth this was my first thought but i dismissed it because i trully didn't understand it at first.
People either fear or misunderstand December 21, 2012. It's not the end of the world as we know it. Not for a long shot. At that point in time at the moment The world we once knew will be over, but then the birth of a new world a better world will be reveled. It is inescapable. Its time for all of us to grow up and look at the world. We came here for a reason. For what ever the exact reason may be, we all have our destinies to fulfill.

Tell me... Do you think you can handle the information I just told you?
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Join date : 2009-08-06

Do you think? Empty
PostSubject: That is so true!   Do you think? EmptyWed 19 Aug 2009, 20:57

Nothing from what you have told here is new to me. I know that everything you said here is true,and I can handle a lot more than you just shared with us here.
I will have to start making some more research myself and share with you some more information. By the way,I am an Indigo,evolving to a Crystal.
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Join date : 2009-08-12

Do you think? Empty
PostSubject: Re: Do you think?   Do you think? EmptyThu 20 Aug 2009, 00:05

Same, it's all old news.

Mankind doesn’t fear us because we are different. They fear us because we are the ones who shall change the world. ~Primal
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PostSubject: Re: Do you think?   Do you think? Empty

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Do you think?
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