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 Lets settle this...

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Join date : 2009-08-14

Lets settle this... Empty
PostSubject: Lets settle this...   Lets settle this... EmptySun 06 Sep 2009, 14:00

Ok I know I said I was gonna leave and all, but I need your guyes help. Ok today my friend told me something about scyring. Well I heard of that, but at the moment I forgot what it was... But anyways she said her and her sister who is in college were doing that. And she called her and asked if what they were doing real and it turned out that they were actually talking to eachother. But then I also found out that scyring is looking at a crystal ball, glass, water, etc. to see the future. Can you help me to find out what her and her sister did? Btw I'll get more details on Tuesday at school... C:
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Join date : 2009-08-10

Lets settle this... Empty
PostSubject: Crystallomancy   Lets settle this... EmptyMon 07 Sep 2009, 22:38

thats crystallomancy, and probably Twin Telepathy, Meaning they cant communicate with anyone else telepathically other than each other, but its very strong telepathy... I think...
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Join date : 2009-08-12

Lets settle this... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Lets settle this...   Lets settle this... EmptyWed 09 Sep 2009, 03:25

Actually, Scrying is not seeing the future. Here are some of the stuff you said...

Scrying is the ability to perceive the location of a given subject or to project one’s vision to a location by use of divinatory mechanisms. One with this ability may use an orb, a crystal or a reflective surface (sometimes even a computer screen) in order to observe an area or find a designated target.

Water Reading, also called Hydromancy is the ability information about the future, the past or the answer to questions based on water. This may involve reading the patterns, the fluxes, the temperature, the motion or even perhaps literally “listening to” or feeling the water, and getting an empathic message pertaining to the information the user desires.

Crystal Gazing, also called Crystallomancy is the ability to obtain information about the past, the future or the thoughts of others by gazing into a crystal. The crystal is usually a crystal ball, but sometimes it can be a prism, or even a pool or still water.

Those are forms of Divination by the way, I am sure you know what Divination is hopefully.

Mankind doesn’t fear us because we are different. They fear us because we are the ones who shall change the world. ~Primal
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Lets settle this... Empty
PostSubject: Re: Lets settle this...   Lets settle this... Empty

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Lets settle this...
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