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PostSubject: Rage   Rage EmptyWed 07 Oct 2009, 07:07

Hey, I'm Kenneth, I'm a 'Rager'(I also have Empathy and Chronokinesis) I have some information about rage abilities, they have many different names, but they're all roughly the same ability. (also known as Feral Mind)

Introduction to RAGE:
Rage, is the ability to intentionally make yourself go berserk, your strength, speed, agility, durability, reflexes, aggression and stamina will increase. You usually will get an adrenaline rush. Some cases, the user will act animalistic, usually like a rhino, king-kong, tiger(most common). Some behave like a Guy on steroids, in my case, almost all kinds of primal behaviour. when I use rage, I notice that my thinking is narrowed down to 'survive at all costs, Complete the task or Mangle Him!!! and also to revert back to normal' rage also has an effect that makes it a formidable ability, I call it the berserker effect, when in a fight, a rager will get hit definately, BUT instead of backing down, a rager gets even more aggressive the more he's being hit, until the threat is gone, or if the rager somehow dies....

It is possible for a rager to remain "sane" while he has access to his enhanced physiology.

I learned how to control my Rage ability, letting me revert myself to my primal state any time I want to and return to normal anytime I want to. I'm normally a peaceful guy, but When I use rage, I'm a completely different person.

Some interesting side effects:
Pupils Dilate to increase visual sensitivity.
Face turns vampiric pale... or in other cases, Red-ish.
Facial expression appears to be in extreme anger even though the rager isnt actually angry.
The rager will unleash loud beast-like Growls, Sometimes demon-like shrieks, and some unusual cases, Low demented Laughter.
the rager will feel peaceful and calm when he stops using rage immediately after it has been used for a rather long time.
ragers can suppress anger and build it up to make their next "out-burst" more aggressive and stronger.
Most importantly, Ragers Arent to be messed with or taken lightly as "moodswinging hot heads, ragers like me arent Angry always, but I can use rage anytime I want to, I'm usually a very happy person." They are capable of mangling and mauling foes who are stronger, better trained, or larger than them.
Ragers seldom sustain injury easily.
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