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 Heighten Senses

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Heighten Senses Empty
PostSubject: Heighten Senses   Heighten Senses EmptySat 24 Oct 2009, 08:27

This ability is self explanatory. Human with Heighten Sense can call them self "super-human" because they can see, hear, feel, taste, smell things that an average human can not. It doesn't mean it can not be develop. to top into this power you have to go through some type of hardship. This is a survival ability.

Heighten Senses comes with a combo ability as well. Quick Reflex. The ability to react faster then normal. Put together it's also know as high awareness. One who is aware of their surroundings have or can develop this ability very easy. How one react to certin situation life brings to the Person with Heighten Senses all depends on the person them self.

Me for example. This ability makes me react to danger like an animal. A wolf or a bear. Because of my size i am mistaken as a bear and my speed determines me as a wolf or werewolf... But I'm not a werewolf. Im something else all together. BUt this isn'tmy life story. Im just describing The Heighten Senses ability in general. I know others who have these ability and they all react differently.

IF you have anything to add or and question to ask feel free to do so.
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Heighten Senses
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