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 Is it possible?

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Is it possible? Empty
PostIs it possible?

Can people like us change the world as we know it?
Will people be more open minded if we come out to the world?
Would they Fear us or praise us?
I feel so much pain from this planet. Can we with power make a different if we try?
Is it possible to bring peace to this world?
Or is peace just another Illusion?
Can someone tell me, is it even worth fighting?
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Is it possible? :: Comments

You feel pain for this world, so why not try to help it? Don’t waste life away, not knowing if you could have helped or not. I hope this helped with some of your questions.
I think we could help the planet
Post on Thu 13 Aug 2009, 21:11  NightSpy
Who else is going to help if not us? I think we should stand up to the people and fight for the salvation of this planet! Only we can make a difference! This is why I am planning to create this organization,so that we shall have more power to help and protect the planet!
my opinion
Post on Sun 20 Sep 2009, 01:21  Havoc
and how do we 'save the world'? People will fear us or think we have dillusions of grandure, Society is not open minded about special people like us. Only like 3 people who know about my abilities think they're cool, The rest think I'm a freak of nature, when they just have a taste of seeing my power, If people think that just because I could slam my fist hard and fast into a concrete wall without feeling pain or being injured, think Its freakish, how would Pyrokinetics or Telekinetics be accepted? We need to approach in Numbers, so we at least know that we're never alone. So far, I only met one person in real life who is different, He's from my school, He has 3 abilities, he can wield any melee weapon with skill even though he has never been trained at all, he has precognition(almost everyone has it) and his last ability which is very weird, he calls it the 'dead gold-fish effect' where he can completely ignore any sensation(pain & discomfort), person or sound to make himself focus on a particular goal. He says he still feels the pain, just that it does not hinder him at all. I just wished I knew a few other so we can stick together in a group and know we have each other when people ostrasize us. thanks for listening to my rant...
Re: Is it possible?
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Is it possible?

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